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Akka Kappa Cares "Trashy Fashion"

25 June , 2019 371

One of the leading causes of pollution in Ghana, are the numerous plastic products which are not disposed of properly and not recycled. These plastic materials like empty water sachets and bottles are seen all over the country. They can be found on the streets, walkways, bare lands and just about anywhere else. They find their way to gutters and other channels where the flow of water is impeded. It is easy to see why plastic is one of the main reasons why drainage systems in Accra are always choked, consequently leading to flooding during the raining season, and pollution year-round. 

Luckily what is seen as a challenge, is gradually turning out to be an entrepreneurial opportunity for Stuart Gold of Trashy Bags. He saw what no one else saw in the waste: beautiful recycled products, such as reusable shopping bags, pencil cases and wallets, all made from recycled sachets. The water sachets discarded by buyers are collected, cleaned up and stitched to make these different items. He has quite a number of people who do the collection, cleaning, drying and stitching. Gold is defying all odds by making these materials and exporting to other countries. Trashy bags will go a long way to better the state of the environment if supported and embraced by citizens.

Many in Ghana will attest to the fact that people in recent times have resorted to collecting these sachets from houses and individuals and sell them to other people. This idea is generating funds for the collectors in a way and many others will eventually join to earn a living. Ultimately, the idea about water sachets not being important after use will eventually change for the better.

We should empower such companies to continue doing what they do, hoping more companies like Trashy Bags emerge and make our environment a little bit cleaner, one beautiful product at a time.