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11-11 Beach Resort Investment with Akka Kappa

May 19, 2022

Exciting times ahead at Akka Kappa Ltd with the recent launch of yet another Akka Kappa #exclusive listing. The newest and most prestigious #realestate project yet designed by a world renowned #architect 

For those looking to diversify their property portfolio with high-return investment opportunity, 11-11 is worth looking into. Beach resort property investment is a new trend in Ghana, and it's gaining popularity.

That said, buying, selling, and managing the beach resort requires expertise and understanding of the niche. This includes know-how about the land ownership challenges, market trends and forecast performance of the tourism industry. Get it all right, and you will be sure of excellent returns with an 11-11 beach resort investment.

Why Invest in Beach Resorts in Ghana?

The tourism industry in Ghana is still in its infancy stage. However, the country is home to numerous natural preserved landscapes and pristine beaches. Lately we have witnessed a considerable increase in demand for beach homes and luxury resorts in the country.

According to statistics, with the completion of the Airport Terminal 3,  the international arrivals to Ghana have increased by 28% in the last couple of years. The country's tourism revenue reached a whopping $2 billion in 2021 alone.

Therefore, with little to no competition in the beach resort investment market, anyone interested in a solid investment opportunity can reap the benefits. The 11-11 beach resort investment is an opportunity that comes with no risks, at a competitive price and ensures higher returns.

Investing in First-of-its-Kind Luxury Beach Resort in Ghana

Worldwide, vacation home sales rose by 16.4% in 2020. Post pandemic sales records show vacation/beach resort sales growing by 57% year-over-year, outpacing total home sales. NAR has also reported a rapid increase in sales price.

At Akka Kappa, we advise our savvy investor clients, to maintain a diversified property portfolio. With projected annual returns of 20%+, beach resorts are a new and lucrative investment opportunity worldwide and in Ghana, offering almost double what a conventional purchase would return.

This development is also attracting new investors from across the world. If you wish to make quick bucks on your investment, then it is time to invest in the 11-11 beach resort with the most modern, sleek design and an unparallel range of amenities.

Why Akka Kappa and Eleven-Eleven?

Akka Kappa is your trusted real estate partner offering an exclusive investment opportunity as 11-11 development has the potential to become Ghana's newest gem in the tourism and real estate sector.

Designed by award-winning architects and constructed by one of Ghana's leading construction companies, Eleven-Eleven is bound to be an incredible success.

Other benefits are as follows:

About Akka Kappa's 11-11 Beach Resort Project

The Eleven-Eleven is a state-of-the-art 5-Star Beach Resort with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. The developer plans on taking the Eleven-Eleven project to the next level with a master plan for the development of the first-ever Marina in Ghana.

One of the best things about the Eleven-Eleven project is that it is based in Nyanyanor, between the Kokrobite and White Sands, less than two hour drive from the capital which make it a perfect tourist destination as well as the ideal venue for corporate events, weddings and other happenings of the kind.

The project consists of 48 units and has the following classifications:

Each unit will be finished with top of the range material and tastefully furnished.

Eleven-Eleven will offer multiple amenities to its guests, from a stunning entrance lobby with view on the pool and the ocean, 24/7 concierge services, ample visitors parking, two restaurants, a fully equipped gymnasium to keep fit also on vacation, a world-class spa with cabanas, a 300 seater conference/event center, a central swimming pool with three additional pools and a multipurpose sport court.

But this is not all, Eleven-Eleven will be managed by an experienced professional hospitality company who will ensure a first class management of the resort and will handle all bookings, leaving investor to sit back, relax and enjoy the excellent returns on their 11-11 investment.

What else can one look for?

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a new investment opportunity in Ghana, it is obvious that 11-11 beach resort is ideal for you. The project will not only help diversify your investment portfolio but also generate revenue without the conventional hassle of property management. And what is best, you will know that at any time you can book a suite for yourself and your family, while for the rest of the yeat your investment will continue to generate revenue.

Eleven-Eleven is the talk of the town, the most wanted gemstone in the real estate and we, at Akka Kappa are proud to be the exclusive agents!

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