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Akka Kappa Ltd offers you the most experienced and professional real estate advice you can ever expect, with a range of bespoke services you can choose from. With Ghana's residential market becoming increasingly dynamic, it is reassuring to know that our Property Consultants' expertise and insight can guide you to make a secure and sound investment. We only work with reputable, discerning developers to deliver safe and lucrative residential opportunities.

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Looking for a property for rent or sale in Accra?

We have real estate agents and property consultants in Accra for apartments, houses and commercial buildings. Akka Kappa Ghana is proud of its good reputation among foreigners, diplomats and locals. Over the last years, we have become real estate consultants specializing in renting real estate like apartments, houses and business premises (offices and warehouses) in Accra. We offer all our customers a wide range of possible choice of houses, apartments and business premises, along with legal safety and high-quality services. If you wish to rent an apartment, a house, business premises, or buy, sell or to let any of the same, we have property consultants who will be very happy to assist you in the process. Akka Kappa Property Solutions will:

rent, sell or buy a house


rent, sell or buy an apartment


rent, sell or buy a business premises

, let a house, let an apartment, let business premises. We also offer help with the buying or selling of houses, apartments, business premises, offices. Akka Kappa Ghana’s website has various listings for rental properties and apartments in Accra. We have a close relationship with all the property owners and rental agencies of each property and shown on our website. Our property consultants know all our

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personally, which is an important element of the quality focus of Akka kappa Ghana.

Finding apartments and houses in Accra

Each listed real estate property on our website will be shown with detailed information so you can get in contact for an apartment in Accra easily. The first step to finding an apartment, house, or rental properties in Accra is quickly made here.