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January 21, 2022

Light It Up with These 3 Simple Home Lighting Tips


Lighting will turn the feel and appearance of your home dramatically. It can be the difference between a dreary room that sinks your spirit, and a warm and welcoming space that gives you joy. Great lighting will boost the mood, inspire imagination, and keep you. Let us build some well-lit magic that will look incredible in your house, and make you feel great, too. Come along let “light it up.”

1. The Golden Rules of Lighting

If you want to illuminate a dark room, you are going to need multiple light sources to make the space feel bright and welcoming. We are talking layered lighting. An overhead light can only do so much. Rooms need a support crew of lighting options to get the job done.

2. The 101 of Lighting

Here is a quick refresher of the different kinds of lighting and what they do best, so you can create the beautifully lit space of dreams.

•    Overhead lighting is the starting point for lighting in most homes, but expert advice is a firm “don’t overdo the overheads”. Try a large statement pendant or chandelier instead.

•    Ambient lighting is your friend if you want to create soft, natural-feeling light. Anything with a shade or dome that diffuses light falls into this category and will create a warm glow.

•    Task lighting is key if you are in a space where you really need to see what you are doing. Think about a desk lamp for a study or an arc-shaped lamp above a dining table.

•    Accent lighting’s primary function is to look pretty and decorative. One is usually enough in most spaces.

3. Let There Be Beautiful Lighting Options

Before you add to cart, here are some of the best lighting tips from designers:

•    Use a strategically placed accent light to highlight artwork.

•    Place table lamps next to seating to provide another layer of light.

•    Try tall torch-lamps that ‘bounce’ light off the ceiling to create a gentle wash of functional light down walls to highlight artwork and curtains.

•    Keep it subtle in living rooms with wall sconces and floor lamps.

•    Transform an awkward corner to create a polished style-moment with an oversized floor lamp.

•    In all cases, choose warm or soft-white globes to create a soft, nurturing ambiance.


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