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Akka Kappa Launches "We Care Campaign"

12 February , 2019 448

Don’t we all want to live in a beautiful house with a manicured garden? But then, do we really care about what happens beyond our gates?

Akka Kappa is going social. We strive to live and work in a good environment but from this year we want to move a step forward, a step outside our gates. Here comes our WeCare Campaign, we will be providing periodic advice and articles about how to help our planet and reduce waste. Let’s work together to give a future to our Earth, to leave a clean future for our children.

At Akka Kappa, we care about what happens to the environment, and we want to help protect it by giving out helpful tips on waste management and recycling.  We will focus on how to reduce waste in Ghana alongside raising awareness on the dire future that pollution presents. 

We’re planning on partnering with some local Ghanaian companies and designers to provide you with helpful and unique products and services. These companies aim at reducing waste, recycling and reusing products that would otherwise lead to pollution of the environment.  

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, the three R’s of the environment is a way of life. Reducing the amount of waste we produce, focusing on the reusable products to help protect the environment and recycling materials such as plastic, cans and paper to create new innovative products that make the environment better for everyone.

Let us have your thoughts on how to reduce waste by sending your suggestions to and stay tuned to know more about our WeCare Campaign programs and activities.

Engage yourself in the three R’s of the environment and join the WeCare Campaign! Do a little every day for your environment, all together we can do a lot to protect our planet from a daunting polluted future.

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