The management of your property plays an influential role on its value in the future. Akka Kappa fully understands the complexities involved and our dedicated Property Management division underpins how we manage our clients’ property portfolio. With us, you are assured of exposure, reliability and a unique turnkey solution praised by our top clients.

We deliver superior returns and with over 30 years of combined experienced, Akka Kappa is a true service partner for all facilities maintenance and management needs. We offer smart, tailored solutions delivered by a competent and customer focused team of people with the objective of creating long term value for your property.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a key aspect to maximizing your return on investment and ensuring the highest tenant retention at all times. A well-maintained property has a higher curb appeal, making it easier to market to prospective tenants or buyers. This process, though necessary, is time-consuming and stressful. Our property management service lets you enjoy the benefits of your investment without having to worry about the demands that come with it. From finding high-quality tenants through to managing repairs and upkeep, we can help ensure your property investment keeps performing.

Our Property Management Service is designed to ensure all properties are effectively and smoothly managed. We conduct thorough technical inspections of all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing items, we coordinate and supervise maintenance and repair works, and ensure world-class services by employing reliable and high skilled technicians to conduct maintenance and repair works. We carefully select them to ensure that they have the skills and training needed to provide quality services. With detailed procedures in place to respond to emergencies, we ensure the work is done promptly and accurately. Each property we handle is unique, therefore the best way for us to ensure excellent service is by treating it as ours. With Akka Kappa, you can be assured that your property and occupants are well taken care of.

Facilities Management

By focusing on the day-to-day operation and functionality of your space, we give you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business. Professional Facilities Management ensures clients can effectively control expenditure while improving upon service delivery, allowing the property owners to focus on what they do best, leaving the management services to the property specialists.

At Akka Kappa, we partner with our clients to align our solutions with your Facility Management structure and strategic plans. Together we determine the needs of your property portfolio and create a common vision aimed at providing exceptional services in a cost-effective way. We develop bespoke packages with our FM team to support your facility and ensure your designs and systems are protected. Our Facility Management packages are designed to keep your core infrastructure fully operational.

  • Implementation of international best practices in facility management
  • Transparent procurement of goods and outsourced services
  • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards
  • Single point of contact for owners and tenants
  • Simplified invoicing
  • Administrative duties
  • Specialized consultancy services

Property Portfolio Management

Managing your property portfolio on your own can be challenging, costly and complex. As part of our portfolio management, we are responsible for optimizing your assets; reducing costs and maximizing income. By acting as the principal point of contact for both landlords and tenants, we can manage and oversee all liabilities and risks within the lease.

The success of your investment is based on how well it is looked after daily. Our clients' and their properties benefit from our deep local knowledge, decision-making skills, market focus, and relationships. Our bottom line is to always manage based on our clients’ objectives and expectations while striving to maximize income. We adopt a strategic and commercially focused approach to handling your properties. Professional property management means you benefit from an array of advantages which makes you save time while allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of being an investor. Through this service, you will benefit from:

  1. Tenancy Agreement Enforcement and Eviction

We will ensure the terms of the tenancy agreement are strictly enforced and adhered to by your tenant. In the event the tenant is in default we will take the necessary actions to ensure payment is made within a reasonable timeline prior to initiating eviction proceedings in accordance with the agreement.

  1. Six Months and Move Out Inspection

Through the six month inspection, we are able to ensure the tenant is taking good care of your property. In the event of a violation, we can adopt corrective measures to ensure the property is returned to an acceptable condition. In addition, move out inspections allow us to inspect the property with the tenant and, through an exit inventory, ensure the property is returned in its original condition and without unpaid bills.

  1. Rent Collection and Tax Returns

We will keep a constant and active communication with the tenant, ensuring they are reminded of upcoming rent payments with sufficient notice. By staying in contact with the tenant, you no longer need to send constant reminders nor chase after defaulter tenants for your rent. In addition to rent collections, we assist in collecting tax returns on your behalf to ensure all necessary taxes are paid in a timely fashion.

Property Valuations

Each property is unique, as such Akka Kappa offers a comprehensive valuation service aimed at determining the most accurate value for your asset be it a commercial or residential property for sale, purchase, rental investment, mortgages, or for joint venture developments. Such valuations usually serve to provide assessments of capital value as well as annual values for rental, sale or purchase purposes. Valuations depend primarily on the location of the property, state, age and whether any upgrades have been completed on the property. At Akka Kappa we offer the following valuation services:

  • Market Analysis and Property Valuations
  • Single Asset Valuations
  • Portfolio Reviews and Valuations
  • Lease and Cost Analysis
  • Benchmarking Studies